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859 awesome Widgets Bug Report Low Tab completion in prompt: problems with escaping Unconfirmed 0%
875 awesome Wibox Bug Report Medium wine causes statusbar to overlap all windows even when ... Unconfirmed 0%
879 awesome Core Bug Report Low Flash fullscreen not working with bottom wibar Unconfirmed 0%
882 awesome awful Bug Report Medium Cannot move clients to 3rd screen Unconfirmed 0%
889 awesome awful Evolution Request Low disable click-propagation Unconfirmed 0%
893 awesome awful Feature Request Low awful.placement: padding support Unconfirmed 0%
897 awesome Core Bug Report Low Awesome misinterprets _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL Unconfirmed 0%
898 awesome Core Bug Report Low VLC doesn't full screen completelly - can still see the... Unconfirmed 0%
900 awesome awful Feature Request Low Using double click events in rc.lua Unconfirmed 0%
903 awesome awful Bug Report Low awful.client.focus.history.previous() will only switch ... Unconfirmed 0%
904 awesome Wibox Bug Report Low Wibox doesn't appear after awesome.restart Unconfirmed 0%
908 awesome Core Bug Report Low Can't exit fullscreen mode in xvnc4viewer Unconfirmed 0%
909 awesome Core Bug Report Low tag-switching keycodes broken on OS X Unconfirmed 0%
916 awesome Core Bug Report Medium Not honouring xrdb Unconfirmed 0%
918 awesome Core Bug Report Low mplayer moves by itself in a diagonal direction when Mo... Unconfirmed 0%
920 awesome Wibox Feature Request Low Horizontal widgets in vertical wibox Unconfirmed 0%
922 awesome Core Bug Report Low "manual" menu entry in default rc.lua is incompatible w... Unconfirmed 0%
926 awesome Core Feature Request Low Remove 1px border to make scrollbars more easily clicka... Unconfirmed 0%
928 awesome Widgets Bug Report High Icons disappearing from systray Unconfirmed 0%
937 awesome naughty Bug Report Low naughty: it is impossible to set icon_size = nil if def... Unconfirmed 0%
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