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ID Project Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Progress  desc
900 awesome awful Feature Request Low Using double click events in rc.lua Unconfirmed 0%
1296 awesome wibox Evolution Request Medium Updated signal causes total relayout Unconfirmed 0%
1275 awesome Core Bug Report Low Unwanted accidental screen changes caused by bogus xcb_... Unconfirmed 0%
1288 awesome awful Bug Report Low Unused property "icon_only" in taglist.lua Assigned 0%
1110 awesome Core Bug Report Low unexpecteclient screen with certain placements in certa... Unconfirmed 0%
1169 awesome Core Bug Report Medium UnAwesome mouse bug, triggered by firefox, htop, chromi... Unconfirmed 0%
975 awesome Core Bug Report Medium Unable to close Firefox Web Console popup window Unconfirmed 0%
786 awesome awful Bug Report Medium toggletag function drops focus for current window Unconfirmed 0%
1040 awesome Core Bug Report Medium tile.suit -- moving window Unconfirmed 0%
1286 awesome wibox Bug Report Medium Thunar crashes when the thunar tray icon has been displ... Unconfirmed 0%
1208 awesome beautiful Bug Report Low theme.wallpaper_cmd with one item cause an issue in bea... Unconfirmed 0%
1250 awesome Core Feature Request Low Tasklist should display full title on mouse over Unconfirmed 0%
1313 awesome Build system Feature Request Low tags file (Makefile): does not contain full name of fu... Unconfirmed 0%
1138 awesome Core Bug Report Medium Taglist/tasklist buttons functions are called twice if ... Unconfirmed 0%
909 awesome Core Bug Report Low tag-switching keycodes broken on OS X Unconfirmed 0%
859 awesome Widgets Bug Report Low Tab completion in prompt: problems with escaping Unconfirmed 0%
843 awesome Core Feature Request Low systray doesn't not obey WM_NORMAL_HINTS Unconfirmed 0%
806 awesome Wibox Bug Report Low systray does not clean up old icons Unconfirmed 0%
513 awesome beautiful Bug Report Medium systray background not transparent Unconfirmed 0%
810 awesome Core Bug Report Low System tray fails to resize windows correctly New 0%
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